Washington Post’s Dave Weigel suspended for retweeting sexist remark. The joke specifically: 

Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.

Thought it was moderately funny myself. That a reporter would be suspended for retweeting this tells you everything you need to know about the Washington Post’s commitment to free speech. 

The Post’s chief spokesperson, Kris Coratti, also issued a statement to the press that said, “Editors have made clear to the staff that the tweet was reprehensible and demeaning language or actions like that will not be tolerated.”

“Reprehensible”? “Demeaning”? Good lord that’s thin-skinned. But it’s indicative of the age in which we live where no joke can be made and offense can always be taken. 

I resubscribed to the Washington Post when they offered me an annual price of $9.99. I thought that their good reporting outweighed the slanted opinions and coverage of most major news stories. I made a mistake. Their lack of commitment to free speech is appalling for a newspaper, or, really, anyone at all. 

UPDATE: The Washington Post has fired reporter Felicia Sonmez who initially complained about Weigel’s retweet. Sonmez apparently couldn’t stop complaining about all manner of things Post despite repeated pleas to stop.  

The Post’s termination notice, a copy of which was seen by CNN, said Sonmez was fired for “misconduct that includes insubordination, maligning your coworkers online and violating The Post’s standards on workplace collegiality and inclusivity.”

“We cannot allow you to continue to work as a journalist representing The Washington Post,” the letter concluded.

So perhaps there is hope for the Post after all. Time will tell.