Oregon groups appeal to president over concerns of white supremacist threats – Oregon Capital Chronicle:

The thought of such an attack in Oregon, along with the state’s history with violent extremist attacks, compelled her and the leaders of six other nonprofit groups in Oregon to write last week to the Biden administration asking for a $100 million investment.

“We need investment, we need partnership, and we need our federal government to treat the white supremacist insurgency targeting communities for what it is: an existential threat to our way of life,” they wrote.

They asked for resources to investigate and prosecute white supremacist groups and violent actors, and to invest in the work that Oregon’s social and racial justice advocacy and community groups are already doing in the state to combat such hate.

The FBI would seem the most logical institution to handle white supremacist group investigations. The idea that any community group is going to be better or frankly any good at all in this type of endeavor seems far-fetched. That they would need $100 million is ridiculous. Besides paying themselves well, what would any of these groups do? Posters, flyers, and a social media campaign?