Nyssa parents decry outdoor school gender pronoun policy – Salem Reporter:

Parents called on the Nyssa School Board during its Monday, March 13 meeting to pull out of a fifth-grade field trip paid for and hosted by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry after they learned the museum’s staff would use gender pronouns when introducing themselves to students and would invite them to do the same.

My view on neopronouns has evolved over the last several years. Initially, my objection was to the hijacking of the pronoun “they” for self-described trans and non-binary individuals was that it sowed confusion rather than precision. In situations where “they” could indicate a plural it no longer did so, and it made a mess for people just trying to understand what was being communicated. At the time, I advocated a separate set of pronouns (“ze” for example) for those who thought they needed them. 

I no longer hold this view. 

Alternate pronouns are now a shibboleth for the gender identity movement, a religion to which I do not adhere. Like many other religions it is based on fantastical elements—for example that biological sex change is possible—demands adherence to its tenets regardless of science (or common sense), and espouses a creed that says non-believers are hateful. 

In the same way that I would not expect a non-Christian to recite the Nicene Creed, I do not use neopronouns. I find it disheartening that a museum of science would.