Woman hoping to adopt foster kids sues Oregon over LGBTQ expectations:

The lawsuit claims Oregon officials look down on those with traditional beliefs about human sexuality. Bates alerted DHS during her application process that she will happily love and accept any child, but she cannot say or do something that goes against her Christian faith.

She discovered during training that her faith might conflict with some of the department’s expectations. According to the lawsuit, an instructor explained during a class that adoptive parents must use a child’s stated pronouns and affirm a child’s gender identity even if the child’s identity does not align with their biological sex.

The lawsuit says the instructor provided illustrative examples of how parents ought to support a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity, such as allowing a child to dress however they want and taking them to a Pride parade.

These standards are of course unconstitutional, but it’s always interesting to find out how much Oregon has swung to the regressive left politically.