Dick’s Sporting Goods blames ‘increasingly serious’ theft problem for profit plunge | CNN Business:

One factor that police believe is a driver of organized retail crime more recently is the fact that under new criminal justice reform laws and local district attorney’s policies to reduce mass incarceration, grand theft – the law that covers shoplifting – is a crime where judges can no longer jail a a person or even require bail, no matter how many times the same individual is caught.

In New York City, the New York Police Department has turned to federal prosecutors to target retail crime leaders who organized the storming of high-end stores to clean them out.

There are 300 people who have been arrested a collective 4,000 times that are solely responsible for 30% of all grand larceny in New York City and 70% of them are out on the street, according to an NYPD review of New York State court records.

Police say they remain frustrated that changes to criminal laws meant to reduce jail population in the city along with local DA’s policies that lean toward not seeking jail even for repeat offenders offer little disincentive to perpetrators to stop the crime.

Progressive, leftwing policies that favor criminals harm society. It can’t be said much more plainly than that.