Protest delays start of California vs. USC football game |

BERKELEY, Calif. — The start of Saturday’s game between No. 24 Southern California and California was delayed for several moments after a group of about 15 fans sat near midfield at Memorial Stadium in some sort of protest.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the fans were protesting as they sat back to back near the 50-year line in the middle of the Cal logo. Police and security approached the group as players from both teams stood and watched.

The fans were eventually placed in handcuffs and escorted away.

The media should cover almost every protest this same way. I don’t care what the protest was about and my sense of justice was satisfied. 

So called “fans” should stop disrupting events for their pet cause, unless that cause is directly tied to the event itself.

I would also be tempted to ban said “fans” from all future stadium events. Does that include graduation (because you just know these are students)? Maybe!