Oregon Senate passes anti-book-ban bill over Republican objections – Oregon Capital Chronicle:

Republicans tried to introduce their own amendment to replace the bill with a new measure creating a task force that would recommend legislation to “better establish standards for age-appropriate curriculum” and limit books that “contain graphic violence, are sexually explicit, contain vulgar language or lack literary merit or educational value.”

Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp, R-Bend, said the Republican amendment was necessary because Frederick’s bill would eliminate parental rights and local control.

The Republicans are correct to my reading of the bill, which you can examine here. I’m a free speech proponent and there is no book I would ban in a public library. A public library is different from a school library or classroom, however, and the guidelines for both school libraries and classroom materials should, it seems to me, take age-appropriateness into account. 

[As always with the Oregon Capital Chronicle, be aware that you’re reading the most left-leaning take possible in their coverage.]