Portland teachers union links to lessons urging students to pray to Allah, write Biden to stop funding Israel – oregonlive.com:

Lesson plans on the Portland teachers union website that drew condemnation from Jewish leaders this week — and that the union removed, reposted and then moved to a different, more discreet location online — urged public school students to pray, make posters and write letters to leaders in support of Palestinians.

Is there a more controversial political topic than the Middle East? Maybe abortion? I don’t know, but that’s the level we’re talking about here. That the Portland teachers union thinks it’s appropriate to wade into this topic is wild. That they’re taking sides is crazy. 

Were I a member of the Portland teachers union, I would quit. Were my family Jewish and my kids involved in Portland Public Schools, I would enroll them elsewhere. Were I viewing this mess from afar—oh wait, I am—I would be appalled by this self-wrought disaster. 

The destruction of American public education continues apace.