It’s taken 2-3 years of work, but on June 14, 2024 my rock band Noisy Primates released its second album, arpeggiosso. “arpeggiosso” is a portmanteau of arpeggio and fortissimo. An arpeggio is a type of broken chord in which the notes are sounded individually; fortissimo simply means “very loud.”

Taken as a psychological overlay, arpeggiosso speaks to the brokenness of a whole—which is to say that we’re all broken in some way—and the need to declare ourselves rather than remain shamefacedly silent in the light of who we are.

This, then, is a collection of songs about desires, deficiencies, and demons. It’s about love, longing, and life. It’s acknowledgment and acceptance.

It’s about me, but it’s about all of us.

  • Mememento Mori — Live for today because tomorrow is promised to no one. 
  • Victories — The opportunity to grab victory from the defeat exists in every moment.
  • I Don’t Know What This Is This is one strange roller coaster of a ride, but whatever the twists and turns, I have you.
  • All I Know/All We Need — The growth from innocence to understanding is easier and more joyous with a partner.
  • The Verge — It takes courage to put intentions to words, but we must if we are to have any chance at love or at living our best lives.
  • The Battle is Joined — A meditation on mortality and grief: The only way out is through.
  • Fortune Favors the Bold — Almost the most basic of encouragements: Be bold.
  • Keeping Fear at Bay — Fear as part of the human condition. How one responds to it matters.
  • Noisy Primates — We’re all noisy primates.
  • As It Could Be — What an amazing world.
  • The Undisciplined — “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same.” But you can alter the course of the future by acting today.
  • Suite Imperfection — You don’t have to change who you are. Who you are right now, imperfections and all, is enough. Love yourself. 

pre-released May 9, 2024 on Bandcamp

Released on all other platforms June 24, 2024

Album cover and design by Garr Montalbano

Your noisy primates on arpeggiosso:

Ty Davison
Vocals, keyboards, synths

Brendan Kuntz

Tom Frances
Electric and acoustic guitars

Rich Gray

Elisha Davison
Backing vocals on Memento More and Fortune Favors the Bold

Gina M.
Vocals on All I Know/All We Need

Clay Collins
Backing vocals on The Undisciplined

German Dmitriev
Strings on Suite Imperfection

Mauricio Miranda
Keyboards on I Don’t Know What This Is

Zachary Gordon (Driftwood Productions)
Mixing and Mastering

Erin Lilly-Davison
“…whatever it is, I love you”

Bret, Jonah, Elisha, and Jillian Davison

Garr Montalbano
Your support, friendship, and talent has once again allowed me to create something better than it would have been. I remain grateful.

To so many of my friends who have made this journey much more than it would otherwise be: Abby, Andrew, Bernard, Brittany, Bruce, Carol, Christine, Corey, Dave, Debi, Dennis, Dynee, Eileen, Heather, Helen, Jennie, Joe, Jim, Jon, Julie, Karen, Katrina, Kelly, Linda, Liz, Maria, Mark, Matt, Maurice, Robyn, Shan, Stacy, Susan, Suzanne, Terri.