Oregon makes bold statement recognizing International Baccalaureate • Oregon Capital Chronicle:

Oregon’s Legislature made a bold move, and one to benefit students.

Members of the House and Senate voted unanimously this session that students who complete the International Baccalaureate or its Career-related Programme satisfy Oregon’s high school graduation requirements.

My nephew earned his IB diploma in California. My daughter is working on hers here in Oregon. The program is intensive and rigorous, so far beyond what is required for a high school diploma that we might as well compare the size of the sun to the earth: It’s different size, scope, and nature. 

Any student who graduates with an IB has done real study to do so, frequently more difficult work than they’ll encounter in college. A high school diploma nowadays doesn’t even count as a certificate of attendance. 

Realizing this blindingly obvious fact is hardly bold, but props to the legislature for getting this one right. It’s a welcome change from the norm.