Zeke bit the dust in the middle of last week, and I had go to PowerMax in Lake Oswego yesterday to pick up an as-yet-unnamed Power Mac 7600 replacement. I’m not quite clear what went wrong with Zeke, a Power Mac 7500. All the PCI cards tested OK, the video RAM checked out, and the PowerLogix G3/300 accelerator is OK. I strongly suspect it’s motherboard RAM gone bad or a logic board issue, but Zeke RAM slots are somewhat messed up, so it made it difficult to troubleshoot. Either way, Zeke is now a parts machine to keep the new 7600 in service.

Our plan continues to be to kick the 7600 upstairs to Erin’s office when I get a new PowerMac. I’m hopeful that will happen this fall, but much depends on the costs of parenthood.