Low rider is a real goer. Low rider is the one to meet. Baby Davison is a little higher.

Erin is in tip-top shape and so is baby. No problems whatsoever. We did learn at today’s appointment that baby has not dropped. (Apparently, baby’s just a low rider.) Also, the kid is not likely to be leaving Erin’s womb any time soon. The cervix is not dilated at all and has not moved down into the necessary position for birth, so although it’s possible that Baby Davison could be born healthy at any time, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be soon. I knew the cervix thinned and stretched for birth; I didn’t know that it changed position prior to the event. Human beings are pretty cool machines. This pregnancy/birth process is fascinating.

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Thanks to Liz for this link to an excellent commentary, The Reason Why, by former Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern. It is illuminating, though unsurprising, that many major newspapers have refused to run McGovern’s editorial. Worried, unhappy people tend to spend less money.

That’s not the non sequitur many may think it is.