Ty’s wrong: Home Depot is a lot more than I thought it was cracked up to be. Props to Dave.

It was June of last year when I first visited Lowe’s Home Improvement. I liked their clean, uncluttered aisles, bright lights, wide selection (particularly on the high end), and convenient automotive access. I said, and I quote, “…I can’t think of a reason to shop at Home Depot again.” I visited Home Depot yesterday for the first time in over a year, and it turns out that I’m a complete ninny. There are plenty of good reasons to shop at Home Depot, most notably their Mills Pride line of cabinetry and close organizers. They also carry a variety of tools and items not found at Lowe’s. In my limited comparison shopping those items that both stores carry, Home Depot has at lower prices.

It continues to be true that Lowe’s maintains all the advantages they had a year or so ago. But I was dead wrong about there being no reason to check out Home Depot as an alternative. It’s very much a viable option, and I’ll be surprised indeed if we don’t buy our nursery closet organizer and bathroom cabinetry from them. (Thanks to Dave for the heads-up on the Mills Pride product line.)