Ben & Jerry’s killed Rain Forest Crunch, my favorite flavor. I’m giving them one more chance.

If you think President Bush’s budget is as out of whack as I think it is, a non-profit organization called True Majority will let you fax your senators and representatives on their dime. This group was founded by Ben Cohen, activist and co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I’m still stewing over the death of Rain Forest Crunch, my favorite flavor, but I guess I’ll have to let it go (or to compartmentalize). True Majority looks very promising to me.

The gist of the movement is that if we take just 15 percent of the military budget and apply it to social programs, we can have a better society and a better world. Think free ice cream for everybody. Maybe even Rain Forest Crunch. I think they’re right, and that it’s something worth getting excited about. If you do too, it only takes about 2 minutes to send a fax using this free service. I recommend it. (Shout out to Liz for bringing True Majority to my attention.)