The first nice thing I can say about Arena League Football is that they showed The Matrix Reloaded trailer at halftime yesterday. In a word: Whoa.

Arena league football isn’t my cup of tea, and I wouldn’t have been switching back and forth between it and the Masters if they hadn’t shown the American television premiere of The Matrix Reloaded at halftime of whatever meaningless game they were televising. That trailer is now available online at or at

As many of you know, I consider The Matrix to be one of the greatest science fiction films of all-time. How eagerly do I await the sequel? It’s right up there with Two Towers or The Empire Strikes Back. I am happy to report (in case you don’t have a broadband connection or didn’t for what reason I can’t imagine tune into Arena League Football) that the Reloaded trailer is awesome, and my expectations for the film are very high. I see no reason why the Matrix trilogy (The Matrix Revolutions is due later this year) can’t be one of the all-time great movie sagas. Yes, I am stoked!

Others coming this summer that I think will be worth the admission price: X2 (the X-men sequel), Bruce Almighty (a Jim Carrey comedy), Finding Nemo (Pixar’s latest), and maybe The Hulk. Terminator 3 could be OK, but I’m reserving the judgment. Latest trailer makes it look like a rehash of T2.

If there’s another movie you’re looking forward to this summer, LMK.