Truth is that it isn’t that tough to assemble a closet organizing system but it ain’t very quick either.

My goodness, I have no idea how far I would’ve gotten in assembling the Mill’s Pride closet organizing system without Dave’s help, but I can tell you this: It wouldn’t have been very far. As was, we spent a good 10 hours at it and didn’t finish. None of it was difficult as long as we stayed with the directions (which we did). The drawer assembly took a good long time, though, and we had four of them to do. In the end, I think the drawers turned out really well, so no complaints there.

The side shelving was more of an adventure. Dave brought his stud finder and other than consistently lighting up whenever we waved the thing around either of us, it proved terribly inaccurate. The wall mounting brackets are supposed to be held up by screws that go into studs. Other than the brackets in the corner where we knew a stud had to be, we couldn’t locate any other beams in the walls. I think the weight on the shelving will still be distributed evenly enough that it won’t matter that the brackets are only secured by screws into sheetrock, but I’m no structural engineer. It’s a SWAG.

Compounding this problem was finding studs for the main assembly that held the drawers. It was supposed to mounted to the wall, then the side mounting brackets on the left help support the above-mentioned shelving. Since we were again unable to find any studs other than ourselves, we had some side-to-side sway issues. At one point this resulted in a couple of shelves falling—with my deftly catching them point first into the hand. It’s not a remodeling project until there’s blood spilled or glass cracked, I always say. Nobody died so Davison’s first law of remodeling thankfully went unbroken.

We called it quits a little after midnight. Even though we didn’t complete the project, I’m in great shape to have it finished shortly and, as always, very thankful for Dave’s help.