A wonderful flood of support marks day 2, along with the surprising news that tons of people tuned into this web site to get the scoop. If I’d known that’s how it was, we might’ve had kids years ago.

I spent last night with Erin and Jonah at Salem Memorial Hospital. I got a little sleep from about 11 PM to 2 AM, then Erin handed the munchkin to me, we dozed together for a few hours. He awoke around 5:30 AM looking for some food. It goes without saying, I suppose, back to Erin for that.

Speaking of which, the breast feeding is going well. The nurses and lactation specialists are helpful and supportive, something that can be said about the entirety of the hospital staff. Although Erin’s milk probably won’t arrive for another day or two (or three), Jonah’s enjoying the colostrum and the closeness. We’re trying to find positions comfortable for Erin where he can suckle followed by immediate sleep for both mother and baby. That’s where they were when I left this morning, and it’s a beautiful parting image to have in one’s head.

Yesterday, we had a flood of well-wishers calling and visiting throughout the afternoon. After a big early afternoon feeding, Jonah slept through all the ruckus of people coming and going. We were given all manner of cards and gifts, and since it might be a bit before we’re able to properly acknowledge them, let me say again how grateful we are to everyone for their support. We feel like we have a number of folks upon whom we could ask for assistance, and it’s a very moving feeling. Thank you all so much.

We expect that Erin and Jonah will be released from the hospital later today. I will continue to post updates as time permits.