I’m slowly getting over my head cold, but life doesn’t stop going just because I’m not 100 percent.

Monday night’s coed soccer game up in Portland wasn’t easy. I was ready to contribute a little bit, but we started the game with only seven players, and played the first 10-15 minutes with fewer than 11. Eventually enough people showed up to field a full squad, but we played the game without any subs, and I was in no condition to do that. I got a goal on a nice turn and left-footed shot into the side net. I was happy about that, at least. The game ended 3-3, a result we have to be encouraged by given our lack numbers. We better have more players next week or I’ll be unhappy.

Tuesday I spent trying to figure out why the closing cost numbers in the refinance package are different from what they told me on the phone last week. They’re in my favor, so the temptation is the roll with it, but I’ve never been one who likes not understanding exactly what’s going on, especially when it comes to money. After running the numbers, I’m confident it’ll all work out even if there are minor discrepancies.

Wednesday worked out OK in that I got a lot of client work finished, the house stayed at a moderate temperature in the face of 90 degree weather, and Erin finished up her paperwork for school. On that latter point, Erin will turn in all her stuff tomorrow morning and, with one brief exception next Monday, her school year is finally done, done, done.

Final unrelated note: Thank to Jim and Terri who gave me the album, I can now confirm that Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head is everything I’d thought it would be. Erin says it reminds her of The Beatles and U2. While I concur, I’m also getting snatches of Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band. All around great stuff. Highly recommended.