We’re able to drop Jonah off with Grandma and Grandpa Davison and head for the cineplex.

We would’ve liked to have seen it on May 15, opening day, but parenthood intruded. That’s OK. I’ll take Jonah over a movie any day of the week, even one as stylish as The Matrix Reloaded. What follows are a few of my initial thoughts on the movie, bearing in mind that a single viewing is insufficient to grasp the theological and philosophical complexities of the script.

WARNING: If you have not seen The Matrix Reloaded, the following contains spoilers. Do not read until after you have seen the movie unless you really don’t care (in which case, why are you reading it)? Also, if it’s not almost immediately clear that this is a Hero’s Journey story, you can stop reading now. Those car chases and kung fu fights sure were cool, weren’t they?

OK, I had typed a long bit about everything I thought on Reloaded, but then I read an analysis that expressed what I thought better than I did and added a few pieces I’d missed completely. Read it here.