Chinese take out, nuzzles from the Cuddle Monster, and Jim Frickin’ Brickman! Susan hosts an unbelievably good get-together.

Us Davisons jetted up I-5 to Susan’s condo in Vancouver to join the assembled throng of Joe, Carol, Robyn, Jared, and obviously Susan, all of whom came to see the only-briefly-in-town Bruce. After nice tour of Susan’s place—I love her “creative room” upstairs—we settled in the living room, chatted (about going commando in Spandex among other things), and ordered Chinese take out.

Bruce had a great story to share about how he met Jim Brickman (whose “Lake Eerie Rainfall” from his album By Heart has been one of my favorite solo piano pieces for years). Apparently, Bruce’s friend CM was helping out at an Oregon Public Broadcasting fundraiser attended by Jim Brickman, and, knowing that Bruce was a fan, she got Jim on the phone talking with him. Bruce was at his parents’ place at the time, and his mom—also a fan—heard that Brickman was on the line, picked up the extension and started chatting with him. Fast forward eight or nine months, and Bruce, back in DC, not only bumps into Jim (who was in town for a concert), but Jim also remembers that Bruce was the guy on the phone whose mom picked up on the extension! Pretty classic anecdote, that.

Jonah made it through the night’s gathering with only a little fussiness, thanks in large measure to help we got from Carol. It doesn’t hurt that Jonah’s been sleeping a lot recently, but Carol was (as always) very helpful in rocking Jonah into a gentle slumber. Oh yes we appreciate it….

Speaking of Jonah (aka Jonah Monkey aka the Critter aka the Cuddle Monster aka Babykins aka the Wiggler), he’s started doing this nuzzling thing in the last few days, and it’s amazingly fun. You’ll be holding him close, and he’ll bury his face in your chest or neck and start giving you little kisses. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s painless, and it’s quiet. In other words, except for a little drool it’s nearly perfect baby behavior, and this evening Bruce got the full Jonah treatment. Bruce was holding the sleepy boy when Jonah dropped his head down a bit and…nuzzle…nuzzle…nuzzle. Bruce and I are in happy agreement that having Jonah cuddle up to you is one of life’s great experiences.

Thanks to everyone for the great evening. We’re already looking forward to the next time Bruce comes to town.