Jonah turns nine weeks old.

Jonah is starting to do some social smiling. That means he might give you a grin when he sees you or when you make a funny face. Erin and I consider this a substantial step forward over his earlier behavior of smiling only when passing gas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s a nice parental milestone when you can bring your kid as much happiness as he gets from breaking wind. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Almost unbelievably, Jonah now sleeps through the night. He tends to go at least eight hours and on one night recently he did 11 hours (before Erin woke him). Occasionally he’ll only do six hours, but then it’s just feed him and stick him back to bed. He happily sleeps through until morning. We’ve been very lucky this regard. From what I read, most kids don’t start sleeping through the night until they are three or four months old.

What else to say about the boy? He’s an adorably cute kid. He and I have been hanging out during the days while Erin takes classes over at Western University (aka WOSC) in Monmouth, and he’s been fantastic. Sure, there are poopy diapers and burp ups, but you just wait until I’m 90 and see if it isn’t the same for me.

Jonah turns nine weeks old. Smiles everyone, smiles!