I need more days in a week.

We enjoyed a nice get-together at Matt & Ginger’s over the weekend. It provided attendees, namely Dennis, Maria, Joe, Carol, Matt, Ginger, Laura, and ourselves, a good opportunity to catch up. Jonah was, I’m sorry to say, not in best form, having slept only 30 minutes during the day. That coupled with a lot of teething pain made him a lot less friendly than normal. He’s no better off today, so what do you other than wait things out? Unfortunate that those in attendance didn’t get to see his good side since he is regularly a very sweet and mild child. Regardless, we had a fun time.

The weather turned spectacular yesterday with a high hovering near 70. I took the opportunity to head to Bush Park for my first kick-around soccer game of the new year. I would characterize the quality of my play as somewhere south of “mediocre.” I had a few decent shots, passes, etc.—including one brilliant over the head trap and score (thank you, thank you)—but the totality of my performance would not be regarded as masterful.

A number of factors have conspired to set back my off-season soccer training, though I continue it in earnest. First, Jonah’s inability to sleep through the night, when it happens, absolutely levels me the next day. I can usually barely stay awake let alone go run on a treadmill. Second, I tweaked my back last weekend and pulled a neck muscle this weekend. Both have responded well to treatment—the latter well enough that I could play on Sunday—but it’s been tough. As I say, I’m still at it though.

I’ve made no progress whatsoever on my little Compaq Presario Linux box project, but it’s not like I’m in a big hurry either. The bigger task facing us begins later this month when we move all our junk out of Erin’s office and our bedroom in preparation for remodeling those rooms. We’re looking at two months of big-time chaos, but we’re hopeful that this is the last of the major remodeling headaches until we do the big one that vaults the living room ceiling, expands the kitchen and dining area, and moves the stairs. That’s 10 years off, but I dare say it will probably cause some inconvenience.

I wanted to say my bit about gay marriage, and my bit is this: In the absence of any demonstrable harm, how can anyone say this is a bad thing? If two people love one another, let them get hitched. Religions are free to define marriage however rightly or wrongly they choose, but government—which proposes to be separate from the church—should be in the business of insuring equality under the law for everyone, including in this case gays and lesbians. Those who feel like the institution of marriage is somehow assaulted by gay marriage would do well to consider no-fault divorce, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?, and the Fox TV channel as far bigger threats.