I’ve begun hauling stuff out of Erin’s office. Over the course of the next week we’ll be attempting to get both her office and our bedroom emptied so that we can begin the demolition work. I plan to order windows for her office on Monday. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll have the room converted into a nursery for Baby Davison #2 by early June at the latest. (Baby Davison #2’s planned arrival is next Spring sometime, but I’m getting way ahead of myself just mentioning that.)

The master bedroom will see insulated walls and new windows. Probably a closet organizer and new lights as well. Ultimately, that room will get re-worked with a walk-in closet, but that’s part of the Big Remodel™ that’s some seven to 10 years off. For now, I’ll just be thrilled with new windows and insulation.

I’m also going to be remodeling Davison Online soon. Things have gotten unwieldy on the HTML coding end, and, believe it or not, I’m running out of web hosting space both here and on Dot Mac. So we’re going to separate some things, work some mojo, and try to keep the dust down to a minimum.

First, you’ll soon be able to visit www.JonahDavison.com for all the latest pictures and news on everybody’s favorite pint-sized superhero. Admittedly, this will probably just kill traffic to my own site.

Second, my domain of www.TyDavison.com will become a music-centric web site featuring, as you might guess, music, news, and information about my musical endeavors. Later this year, you’ll be able to order my CD from here.

Third, www.DavisonFamily.us will actually acquire some genealogical content. I’ve had a site and the domain name for a year now and done almost nothing with it. That’ll be changing come this summer.

Fourth, I may update www.SiteRev.com. Or I may not. Business is good, but it’s not because of the web site. So a remodel here is low on the priority list.

Fifth, I may be closing down Ty’s Dot Mac. This will shock a few of you who’ve been on the receiving end of my rants about how great Dot Mac is. Well, Dot Mac remains pretty cool. What it offers is the cat’s pajamas when it comes of easy of use and smooth Mac integration. They’ve a number of features that integrate with their software (iCal, iPhoto, iMovie, Backup, etc.) to form an incredibly nifty service. Really, it’s a bargin at $99 a year. But for the things I use it for, I can replicate the functionality on a WebDav-enabled web server and get a lot of other bonuses (not to mention 16x the web space) for about twice the money. So Dot Mac may not be a great deal for me just because I’m running so many web sites. It’s a sparkling deal for just about everybody else, though.

Sixth and lastly, I’ll be reworking Davison Online substantially. A number of sections (News, Opinion, Sports, Macintosh) will be melded, though they’ll remain searchable by category, keyword, and date. Additional interactive features like polls and comments will be added. The Yahoo! Groups Clubhouse, an online ghosttown if ever there was one, will be permanently shuttered, and we shall resolve never to speak of it again. The Chess!, Quotes, and For Sale sections will be updated to conform to the new look of the site. The For Sale section in particular will receive a gigantic make-over in hopes of, you know, actually selling things. The relatively static Who I Am and Site Info, visual tweaks aside, will remain almost unchanged.

All of the above represents a gigantic if not overwhelming amount of work, and to those of you who will be helping us in any fashion, already my thanks.