I don’t know if anybody is curious, but here’s a rough outline of my daily schedule:

8 AM: Wake up. Sometimes I will play for awhile in my crib, but usually I stretch a bit, roll over, and am ready to face the day. I will be very upset if Mom or Dad doesn’t appear by the time I’m ready. I will let them know of my displeasure.

8-9:30 AM: Quick diaper and clothing change then play time. Frequently I sit in my high chair with some toys and hang out while Dad takes a shower. If he takes too long I’ll be sure to yell at him to hurry up. After he’s ready, we’ll walk around, play with toys, and generally have a good time.

9:30-10:30 AM: Breakfast! I feast on organic barley, oatmeal, or mixed grain flakes. Let me tell you, with a little breast milk these cereals really hit the spot. I follow this up with a variety of organic fruits (apple sauce is particularly good) and vegetables. Sometimes I have a biter biscuit or banana too. I like these because I get to feed myself.

The only problem with breakfast–any of my meals, really–is the cleanup. I don’t understand why Mommy and Daddy insist on wiping that rag across my face. Hands, OK. I can deal with hands. But lay off my face, people! If I didn’t want food all over it I wouldn’t have put it there.

10:30 AM-noon: Some days Daddy and I will go down to the library for Lapsit Story Time. I mostly watch the older kids dance around and do things, but I think I’m starting to understand how the whole thing is supposed to work. I really like looking at the fish in the tank on the way out of the library.

12:30ish: Nap time! I need my beauty rest.

2 PM: Play time and/or lunch time. I’m pretty flexible about my mid-day meal. What time Daddy feeds me usually depends on what time I wake up and what time I’m heading out to Sprague to see Mommy.

3:30 PM: Daddy drops me off with Mommy at school.

3:30-5:30 PM: Jazzercise, etc. with Mommy at Sprague.

5:30-7 PM: More play time at home.

7 PM: Dinner time!

8 PM: Bathtime! I love my bath, particuarly my ducky friends (of which there are several). As much as I enjoy this, I don’t know why Mom persists in dump water over my head and shampooing my hair. She knows I dislike this. Once I can talk, I’ll explain it to her.

8:30 PM: A brief spell of playtime before bed.

9 PM: Zzzzzzz…and with luck, I sleep through the night.