I woke up crying several times last night. It’s not that I wasn’t tired. I sure was! I was just upset, that’s all. Dad stayed with me for a long time until I felt OK again. He pointed out all the objects in the room to me. Twice. If that’s not enough to bore somebody back to sleep, I don’t know what is. So he eventually set me back down in my crib, rubbed my back (which I really enjoy), and the next thing I knew it was morning.

I don’t know what the deal was with last night. Usually, if I wake up, I can get back to sleep within five minutes. I guess I was just feeling a little out of sorts or something. I’m sure we all have those times.

I went with Mom and Dad to Lapsit Story Time at the library today. Mom hadn’t been before so I had to show her how everything worked. We even got to spend a little time in the Discovery Room, which is a total bonus since it’s usually full when it’s just me and Dad there. Dad was off reading a book from his childhood called “More Adventures of the Great Brain” by John D. Fitzgerald. He said it was even more touching, sweet, and funny reading it as an adult, whatever that means.

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by after we got back home from the library. I think they were happy to see me.