Trinity is basically out of hard drive space. Considering that this is a 3 year old business machine, I think it’s done pretty well. But I need it to do better, so I dumped 400 MB yesterday and will probably need to deep-six another gigabyte shortly just to reach minimum safety levels.

For those of you who are unaware, when you run low on hard drive space under Mac OS X, everything slows to a crawl. Unless you have just gobs of RAM (which Trin at 384 MB doesn’t), the system uses virtual memory to page out stuff to the hard drive so that you can run tons of different programs simultaneously. When that hard drive space is full, clunk, clunk, clunk. Look at the pretty beach ball cursor. So that’s one thing.

A second item is that I’ve been busy finishing up, my genealogy site. Feel free to check out my family tree and play with the forums. Something similar, so far as the forums go, is coming to Davison Online in the near future.

Thirdly, which I should have perhaps mentioned first, is that I’ve got online and running—including a really spiffy picture gallery. (The Dot Mac galleries will be offline soon.)

Other random notes:

  • Although the actual date is today, we celebrated Erin’s birthday yesterday with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and dessert at my parents’ place. She got flowers at work today from a couple of folks including her parents. She’s 29 again this year.
  • Jonah started his swimming lessons this evening. The water was a little cold (83 degrees) and he was a little uncertain about everything, but both Erin and I thought he did great considering this is the first of four straight weeks in which he’ll be going to the pool.
  • Although it was truncated, our visit with Erin’s cousin Adam and his family on Saturday was very nice. We enjoyed seeing his twins on their first birthday, and we’re looking forward to meeting with everyone again soon for a more extended visit.
  • We loved seeing everyone at Joe and Carol’s baby shower. Good food, good people, great times.
  • I’ve started a little bit of the demolition work in the room upstairs. Hopefully I’ll have some help coming this Saturday to assist me in destroying things. It’s always more fun as a team.
  • Weather permitting, Joe and I will be making a remodeling materials run using his truck this Friday. If we could get the sheet rock here still in 8 x 4 foot sections, that would be awesome. Hopefully the sun will be shining.
  • Davison Online will be undergoing a substantial transformation as I transition it away from Adobe GoLive to MovableType. GoLive is a fine product, but when there’s automated blog software available (for free), I’d have to be crazy not to consider it. Presently I’m using it for Jonah’s site, and assuming I can get the look I want for my site (something I didn’t fiddle with very much on Jonah’s), then I’m going for it. MT is so much easier to use and so much less work, that in the long run it’s going to save me a huge amount of time.
  • Once you have kids, it’s all about saving time.