Dad asked about the 83 degree water temperature since it seemed on the cool side to virtually everybody in the pool. Apparently it’s kept at that level because if you get much warmer it faciliates the growth of all kinds of nasties. Then they have to dump in a bunch of potent chemicals, and who wants to take a super chlorine bath? Not me.

Of course in the meanwhile, the pool is a little cold when I first get in. After a while I warm up both literally and figuratively, but until then I’m pretty content to huddle up with either Mom or Dad.

I did a little bit of kicking and splashing yesterday, and I threw a few smiles out to my parents so they knew I was doing OK. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

UPDATE: Did I say the water was cold? I meant frigid! I swear, my lips were turning blue in there. I looked over to some of the other kids and their lips were blue, too! This one little girl’s teeth were chattering! This is supposed to be fun? I dunno, man. Dad says if I’d only start kicking and swimming a bit I’d warm right up, but I’m inclined to huddle more than swim. They’re taking me back to the pool again tonight, so I guess I’ll have to bear with it.