It took awhile, but I now have four bottom teeth to go with my four top teeth. I like having a complete set like that because it helps me bite things like the nifty birthday cupcake I had over the weekend. Of course I mostly just took that and smeared the chocolate frosting everywhere. That was fun!

I’m sure Dad’s noticed that I’m walking a lot faster now. Although I’m not 100 percent stable, the lure of moving as fast as grown-ups do encourages me to move my feet pitter-patter pitter-patter as fast as I can. One consequence is that it’s getting a lot harder for Dad to hide when we we play hide-n-seek because I can go after him before he’s ready. He’s mentioned something about counting first, but since I don’t even know what numbers are, I think he should just resign himself to me winning.

I’ve been a little clingy since Saturday’s party up in Battle Ground. Some days are like that, you know? Mom and Dad have been good about picking me up and holding me, and it doesn’t take too long for me to feel secure enough to want to get down and go exploring.

I petted a horse last week when I was out at a farm with Mom. She was helping on prom decorations or something. The horse was pretty, and I think he thought I was interesting too. We took turns checking each other out.

Life is good.