We were up at Joe and Carol’s on Saturday night for BBQ, hanging out, and a round of hearts, a card game I’ve not played in years. The food was terrific as usual, and seeing and talking with everybody (Joe, Carol, Dave, Eileen, Robyn, Kerri) rocked. I’m sorry to report a second-place finish in the hearts game—or third if depending on whether we were playing a variant. One horrific hand really zapped my chances of winning. Great fun regardless, of course.

Joe provided a nice tour of his greenhouse and accompanying grounds. You’d swear that the man had a landscaping company working for him given the amount he gets done. Well, that and a remodeling company, because the nursery looks stellar also. I’m just in awe of his ability to change his environment so readily. I mean, sure, I’m remodeling two bedrooms, but I’m also importing enough family and friends labor to qualify as my own temp agency.

Big thanks to Joe and Carol for hosting! Good times, good times….