Strangely, the EPIC charts which show percentile rankings in height, weight, and head circumference for infants do not measure cuteness. If they did, I’m sure I’d be in the 100th percentile. At least that’s what Mom and Dad told me at today’s 1 year Well-Baby Check-up.

In sum, it’s all systems “go.” I’m at the 50th percentile for weight (23.1 lbs) and even got to stand on the big people scale for the first time instead of laying down on in a cold metal bucket like last time. My head circumference was also in the 50th percentile which you’d think would mean that my ego was in check, but Dad assures me that I’ve got a plenty big head.

I’m a little tall for my age at 30.5 inches. That’s 75th percentile on the EPIC chart and probably because I’ve inherited Mom’s long waist. Dad wonders if I’ll be a basketball player.

As part of this visit I had a chicken pox immunization and the much-dreaded MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) shot. I’d been told for months how painful this MMR thing was supposed to be, but geez, it was nothing! Whatever they stabbed me with at the 6-month visit hurt a lot more. I didn’t even cry this time. Too bad they don’t put that in the EPIC charts.