Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommas out there! Boy, does the human race owe you a big one.

Dave came up from Eugene to help me with my third straight day of insulating and sheet rocking. We finished the south wall in the master bedroom and about a quarter of the wall on the west side. Given the time constraints we were under, I believe it to be a raging success of a day. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a little more during the course of the week even though it’s a hugely busy seven days and we’ve got Reach the Beach at Pacific City next weekend. I should be able to get close to finishing, and depending on how wickedly difficult (or expensive, if I hire it out) the mudding and texturing turns out to be I might be able to get back on schedule. So major props to Dave.

Ye old Davison Clan gather to fete Erin and Carole, and we chatted a bunch and ate pizza and laughed at Jonah’s antics. He’s a very cute boy! (News to anyone? No?) A very happy Mothers Day, indeed.