Dennis and Maria visited yesterday to assist in our remodeling efforts. Dennis and I finished off the insulating and sheet rocking in the smaller bedroom and started the insulation work in the master bedroom. Meanwhile, Maria organized paperwork around our dining area, a task that seems minor but is actually enormous helpful since we’d allowed stacks of junk to build up and not had time to sort stuff ourselves. We’re very appreciative of their help.

For lunch we visited the yummy Muchas Gracias, sort of a fast food Mexican place without all the Americanization of Taco Bell. Quite good, I thought.

We also took in our across the street neighbor’s garage sale and ended up spending $30 on an entertainment center. After all the remodeling is done, it will serve as the centerpiece to the family room, holding the TV and stereo equipment. Should be nifty, but we’ve got to get some upstairs bedroom back in shape first.

And, at this juncture, I’m about a week behind schedule in my remodeling plan. Unless something crazy happens, I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up. That is an indictment of my ability to estimate how fast sheet rocking works goes, not any reflection of the help I’ve received. Friends have continued to come through for us and without exception have done terrific work. The sheet rocking simply takes the time it takes.

So I’m OK with dropping behind a week or so…that’s really not too big a deal. If we push much past that, however, I’ll start worrying a lot more. Our June schedule is not as full as May, but it’s tight, and with the Lillys visiting at the end of June we simply must have at least one bedroom finished or sleeping arrangements will be all funky-like. That is hopefully not the type of hospitality for which I’m known. I would prefer to be known for the other kind. You know, the hospitable hospitality.