All hopped up and no place to go.

I’m on cordical steroids, pain relievers, and muscle relaxants even as I type this. (Woo hoo!) My back is as messed up as it’s been in a few years, which is not as bad as it could be but not exactly happy fun time either. If any of my more pharmacologically astute readers are wondering, it’s prednesone (3 a day), ibuprofon (as needed), acetaminophen (as needed—2000 mg so far today), and Flexeril (3x a day) for me. For a guy who usually doesn’t take even an aspirin for a headache, I’m seriously doped up.

I worked in Portland today (so no Flexeril or I wouldn’t have been able to drive safely). I probably had enough acetaminophen to give cancer to lab rats, but I got the job done. So that must say something to somebody somewhere.

Anyway, my plan is to pop pills and lounge in bed all weekend then wake up fresh as a daisy on Monday. No, I’m not taking bets.