After a really fun visit last night with my cousins at the Starrs in Portland, I spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa so that Dad and his friend Dave (Morrison) could do some remodeling work at home. It was nice not having to worry about them getting in my way.

In the evening, I started my latest set of swimming lessons. I am the only one in the class! Woot! Although I didn’t do too much kicking, I paddled a bit with my arms and it was good to see my old instructor Lindsay again. I think she likes me.

Dad keeps saying how I look older and my feet are bigger. He’s right, of course. I am a strapping young man! I’m definitely starting to get the hang of those “word” things I mentioned last time. What I mean is that I understand a lot of what’s being said, even if people don’t seem to understand me. Usually I can point at things and make myself understood, though, so that’s working for now.