Dave Morrison took the journey down I-5 this morning to help me continue with the remodeling efforts. Dave kindly lifted all the heavy bits and generally kept me from injuring my back further. (Which isn’t to say that I didn’t down a whole lot of pain killers.)

I am thrilled to report that the sheet rocking is completed for both bedrooms. Further, we began the mudding in the small bedroom. Though we didn’t finish, what we did complete looks at first glance to be very promising, and thanks to Dave’s tutorials—the man works at Home Depot—I have a much better handle on how things are supposed to go.

I told Dave I would work in a joke about how the joint compound mud has the texture of cookie dough, but I’ve already taken a Flexeril for this evening, so I have no idea what might be funny about that. I’m open to suggestions if anyone wants to post a comment or two on it.

I’m working in Portland both Tuesday and Thursday this week—no rest for the wicked, apparently—with Jonah hanging out at his Grandparents in the meanwhile. MAJOR THANKS to Mom and Dad for watching the boy this week. Erin’s staring at a big ol’ pile of papers plus the looming end of school year (prom was a gigantic success, by the way), I’ve got business stuff running me ragged, a bad back, and two remodeling projects going as well. If my back were better, I’d have soccer too. Jonah’s swimming lessons just re-started. So we’re busy…

…and yet, in the still moments of the day—there are a few believe it or not—I can’t help but feel lucky and thankful for all the help we’ve received from family and friends, for the health and prosperity we enjoy, and for the opportunities we’ve been given to do the things we are able to do. When Erin and I look back in 50 years (God willing) and talk about “the good old days,” these will be among them.