I’m still knocking it back with pills, but the pain is lessening daily. I’ve managed thus far to keep on schedule with everything that has to be done this week, but not without the huge efforts of Erin and my parents. I’ll be up in Portland again for client work tomorrow, and it’ll be a long one, but I’m optimistic. I’ve not taken a Flexeril since Monday.

Erin’s in the last three weeks of school which would be hard to believe if she weren’t so incredibly busy. I mentioned last time that the Prom was a major success. Turns out that numerous attendees, chaperones, and prom workers annointed it as the “best ever.” I have no idea if that high praise is accurate, but it’s nice to see all that hard work pay off either way.

I know I say it every few weeks, but Jonah looks older again. His feet are definitely bigger, and his second toes (on both feet) that that always looked slightly crowded out of place have found happy homes as his feet have widened. I’m sure my concerns about that fall into the category of “normal first-time parent idiocy.”

Although Jonah has a cold, he’s been game to run around with me chasing him and him chasing me. He’s very huggy and usually happy. He’s pointing at what he wants a lot which helps us determine his desires. Getting more of what he wants probably accounts for a lot of his recent enthusiasm. I know it works that way for me. Regardless, I’m hoping that he’ll soon start using some words—make that understandable words—to communicate. That’ll rock.

I’m not sure that anyone’s noticed (or cared), but I’ve continued upgrading the web site. The comments for the main page now work as they should (so feel free to leave some). The Archive by Month sections are improving as well, and unless I’m mistaken the Comments work for those archives, too. I’ve also added in all the News & Commentary items since August 2003. I probably won’t get everything moved from the old site to the new until summer, though. Still, the thing to know is that Davison Online is continuing to improve, and I appreciate you stopping by.