Jonah was up at 1 AM and at 2 AM Thursday morning before drifting back to sleep. I was up from 2 AM on. Unfortunately, Thursday was a final catalog production day for a Portland-based client which meant a drive to Portland, a solid 12 hours of work, and a trip back down I-5. All on 3.5 hours (or less) or sleep. It is no wonder that I’m sick as a dog now, with a headcold and a backache.

I’ve got to find a way to cure this insomina thing before it kills me. Perhaps it will get better in the summer or once the remodeling is finished and we’re back in our regular bedroom, but my quality of life sinks pretty low in a sleep-deprived state and I’m a little worried about it becoming permanent.

I wonder if it’s stress-related. Maybe being a parent and all it entails has rocked my world more than I think. I dunno. There can be little question that the normalcy of my days has been disrupted since Jonah came on the scene. At least consciously, though, I think everything’s going great. Maybe I need to ponder this a little more deeply or something. I’m sure that the answers lie within.

In the interim, however, I’m not opposed to external solutions. If you have a get-back-to-sleep solution, feel free to post a comment. Maybe I’ve tried it already, but I’m game to try again if you think it’s worth a shot. Thanks.