We scooted up I-5 to Maria’s place in Vancouver for a small gathering (Dennis, Maria, Joe, Carol, and us) and a really delicious BBQ. I had a Trader Joe’s Japanese burger called Kobei, but since it was an Americanized version I took to calling it Kobe. And you know what? Kobe was scrumptious. Kobe with a triple cheese layer on top was one of the best burgers ever. I mean, Kobe shoots the trey. Kobe’s got the spin move and the crossover dribble. Kobe takes it to the rack and slams it down with authority.

Kobe is also naughty, as I later found out, a virtual heart attack on a bun, with some 700+ calories, some 600 of which were fat. But man oh man was Kobe yummy at the time. (Any coincidental parallels between Kobe Burger and Kobe Bryant in my above extended metaphor are, uh, coincidental parallels. Please, no suing the comedian.)

Jonah explored Maria’s place with abandon, alternately terrorizing her cats, sorting socks, playing with people, and wandering aimlessly about. Only at the end when he began to tucker out a bit did he get a little more surly and whiny. For the most part he was in fine form, as well mannered as we have any right to expect a one year old to be.

Joe and Carol are both doing great with Carol’s due date ever approaching. Baby Kann will be here soon! Though I’m sure no one’s as eager for that as Carol, the rest of us are pretty excited.

Dennis and Maria are setting up for a summer trip to Sweden and Holland about which I must confess to being terribly envious. Among other sites they’ll get to visit is the Anne Frank House. One expects that will be a powerful experience. I’ll bet it’s an amazing trip.

Our thanks to Maria and Dennis for the great get-together and the awesome (Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!) food.