If you’re not reading Daring Fireball, you’re missing out on one of the great Macintosh web sites.

I’ve only exchanged a couple of emails with John Gruber, the author of the superlative Mac nerd site Daring Fireball. It turns out we disagree on punctuation. I like the American standard. Although he’s American, he favors the British. I think this makes him look like he doesn’t know punctuation rules; he doesn’t care. Etc. Etc.

What do agree on is a whole lot more important, and today’s blog on the relative security of Mac OS X versus the insecurity of Microsoft Windows is a case in point. Not only do I agree with everything John has to say, I’m also thrilled with how he says it. Arguments are logical, well-reasoned, and precisely stated. In short, his work is a pleasure to read. Check out Broken Windows and see if you don’t agree.