I upgraded Mystic to 1.25 GB of RAM this morning. This is up from 512 MB (two 256 MB cards) that were in the machine previously. Installation was a typically elegant Apple snap.

Based on approximately one hour’s experience, the one thing I will say is this: If you are running Mac OS X on a machine with 512 MB or less, you are kidding yourself performance-wise. Mystic is so much faster now, it’s like a totally different machine. The poor 1.5-GHz G4, previously starved, no longer has to wait for a virtual memory swap off the hard drive in order to do things. With everything in RAM, oh baby, we’re a-cookin’.

The stuff I’ve read says you’ll see real bang-for-your-buck performance increases on RAM all the way up to 1 GB. After that you’ll still see a bit, but the curve flattens considerably. So if you’re not there on your Mac, you might consider it. This machine at least is a whole lot happier.