Dave had a tough day at work; I had a head cold. Still, we did our bit as the presenters at this month’s Salem Macintosh Users Group (SMUG) where we spent about an hour demoing Dave’s new Mac mini and Delicious Library. Now, I thought we rocked, but I’m also totally under the weather (as are Erin and Jonah), so what do I know? Still, the applause at the end seemed genuine, and I dare say no question was left unanswered. Yes, I think it’s fair to say that we were Mac Studs.

Speaking of being under the weather, Jonah had it last week (and has it again). Erin and I got it a couple days ago more or less simultaneously. I really hope it doesn’t linger, but having everybody sick at the same time is no good. I mean, there’s only so much Sudafed in the world and if I take it all what will the rest of humanity do?

But it’s not like I have much choice, ’cause it’s not like the work has stopped. I’m still watching Jonah (with the occasional and gratefully accepted relief spells from my parents) during the day. Erin’s still teaching at school. Jonah’s still being Jonah. Nice weather outside—temps in the 70s—has really started a move toward being outdoors more often. That’s awesome, but it’d be more awesome still if I didn’t feel like crawling under a rock.

And speaking of rock: Finished watching the comedy The School of Rock starring Jack Black, a person about whom you can quite easily say that a little goes a long way. It’s not a terrible movie (or terribly funny for that matter), but you know where it’s going almost from the beginning and it takes a while to get there. The kids are passable both as actors and as musicians, but one wishes Joan Cusack’s character would’ve been more dynamic. Jack Black has his moments and there are some great quotes, but everything’s overly drawn out. Three stars out of five. See it or don’t. Your life will not be changed.

I’m writing up an article for the annual neighborhood association newsletter (before I pitifully crawl off to bed). It’s more or less awful at this point. Sentences are refusing to flow, and I’m getting stuck in sentences because I end up using words like “flouting.” I think “flouting” is a rough spot to get stuck in, but maybe it’s just me and my head cold.

Hope ya’ll are feelin’ better than I am.