We’re still stumbling around in Sickville here at Davison HQ. Jonah was up until after midnight last night with what appeared to be an earache. Very difficult to discern the exact problem, but it’s clear he’s no 100 percent. We’ll be visiting Kaiser later today so we can learn more. Otherwise his health seems relatively good and improving.

Erin’s road to recovery has been lengthened by pregnancy (which suppresses the immune system), but she’s definitely on the way. I, on the other hand, have been standing in the middle of recovery’s road while all four tires have fallen off my wellness wagon. I’m as sick as I was a week ago and no end in sight. I’ve been fairly miserable.

UPDATE: Jonah’s on antibiotics for the next 10 days due to a minor ear infection. Erin relapsed today and will miss school tomorrow. I’m no better either.

Despite sickness Erin and I have managed to catch a few episodes of The Amazing Race and have enjoyed this crop of contestants. My early pick for favorites are the brothers, mainly because of their physicality and jovial natures. Still, they’ve made some boneheaded moves—especially at the Detours where picking the right task is crucial—so I’m not as keen on them as victors as I once was.

I’ve been somewhat bummed at seeing the contestants who are losing early. I hated having the southern rednecks lose in round one simply because they were so incredibly entertaining. They were far too overweight to win the race in the long run, but I was surprised to see them lose right away. I’ve also been unhappy to see all the pretty women teams drop one after another. What will I do without my eye candy! It’s not like I’m watching this show for the intellectual component.

I don’t carry any reality TV show baggage when it comes to ex-Survivor contestants Rob and Amber. I’ve never watched Survivor, so I have no idea what kind of lying, cheating, backstabbing people they were there. What I can say is that Rob is a player on The Amazing Race, and I admire his ability to swing every little thing to his advantage. That’s not typically the sort of attitude and behavior that wins you the race outright, but you never know what might give you the edge you need to stave off elimination. Rob and Amber might just have what it takes to win, and if they make it entertaining in the meanwhile, so much the better.