Much to Jonah’s delight, Grandma Liz has been with us since she Amtraked in last Monday. Yesterday, we trooped up to Portland and dropped off Liz and Jonah with cousins Adam, Nena, Lucy and Noor at the PSU Farmers’ Market.

While they were engaged with that and the Washington Park Zoo, Erin and I were joining the crowd to help Dennis and Maria move into their new place in Milwaukie. Great place on a huge (12,000 sq. ft.) lot. Big congratulations to them both on the great new house!

After our work concluded with Dennis and Maria, we joined up with the relatives at George and Jean Robins’ new place. (Jean being Erin’s first cousin once removed; Adam’s mom.) Jonah and twins Lucy and Noor—who are about a month older than Jonah—had a delightful time playing with flashlights and running about in the back yard. Our thanks to the all the Robins and the Starrs for the gifts and the great evening!