Having had more than enough of comment and trackback spam, I’ve fully integrated the spam blocking features of MovableType 3.121. This includes the use of the TypeKey registration system, which means anyone who wishes can sign up for the free TypeKey service, log in once, and comment and trackback to his or her heart’s content. (I continue to reserve the right to edit offensive postings at my whim, though the reality is that I mostly correct spellings and delete spam.)

I am hopeful that the changes I’ve implemented—with the help of a very useful tutorial at Learning Movable Type—will assist those interested in typing back at me in the forum.

The long-overdue wholesale revision of Davison Online will require a fair amount of luck to accomplish this summer. With Baby #2 on the way, the only way I see the site changing dramatically is if we suddenly opt to send Jonah to a military academy. Unlikely, unless he refuses to stop throwing food. Then we’ll think about it.