Ye olde Clan Davison plus friends Barry and Ann from Seattle breakfasted this morning at Collette’s on Commercial in celebration of my Mom’s birthday. Also among the assemblage? The long-elusive Susan, now appearing in the role of Bret’s girlfriend. Very merry times.

Afterward, everyone came over so that Jonah could assist his grandma in blowing out the candle on her muffin. Just as soon as the “Happy Birthday” song had concluded, Jonah puffed out the light insuring, as I told my Mom, that at least he got his wish.

Uncle Bret ran around with Jonah a bit, but before long Bret had to return to Portland to some lab work for his engineering classes. Grandma and Poppers along with Barry and Ann left for the Cannon Beach, and Jonah headed for nap time. Erin went to grade papers, and I took to the yard to pull some weeds. Back to normal, in other words.

Still, it made for a great morning. Happy Birthday, Mom! Let’s do it again next year.