We trailed the almost the entirety of today’s indoor soccer game up in Portland, tying it with only a few minutes to play. Then we mounted a counter attack with some 40 seconds to go and scored the game winner (much to the other team’s dismay and disgust) with 33 second left. I had a goal and an assist, but didn’t have good touch on the ball. I missed a number of shots wide by two feet or less. Still, it was enough for today.

In truth, we had better players, and particularly in the last 15 minutes outplayed them. At the same time, they came it with a game plan and executed it well. Interestingly, their keeper frequently left the box with the ball to push a counter attack if the opportunity presented itself. They usually kept three players back to cover when he did this, but it still made for difficult defending. I’m inclined to say that in this (Co-Ed over 30) league pushing forward on a break a keeper with decent speed and touch is a winning strategy more often than not.

Today was the not, and I couldn’t be happier about it.