Thank GOD for backups. I’m presently restoring Mystic to her former state of glory after having suffered last Wednesday (happy birthday, Joe! Sorry not to email!) the worst hard drive crash I’ve had. Not only did the drive go under in almost record speed, but it rendered the machine unable to boot from any other device (CD, FireWire drive, etc.) as well. The good news? My automated backup system runs every Wednesday afternoon. The entirety of my home folder had just been backed-up when the drive began clunking.

Apple’s repair work was both efficient and thorough. I’ve seen no problems since I got my machine back yesterday. And, hey, if you’ve not seen the Apple Store at Bridgeport Village, go do yourself a favor. That’s one sweet store in one heckuva sweet Italian villa-style outdoor mall.

On the downside, I’m having to restore everything which has taken most of the day thus far, and I will need to reinstall all my applications and update them as appropriate since none of them were backed up (as I have them on CD or they are available online). This has set me back a bit, but I hope to be fully back in action soon.