(Anyone? Anyone?…Crickets chirp, the wind blows softly, in the distance a dog howls….)

I mentioned a couple months ago that I would have an announcement in the weeks following my membership in the Apple Consultants Network and my Apple Help Desk certification and, at long last, here it is:

I am now selling Apple and Apple-related hardware and software.

I have joined the MacXprts Network, a nation-wide co-op of stores and consultants. We band together to get volume discounts on pricing, share resources, and things like that.

In terms of pricing, I want to be clear: My pricing is no better or worse than what you’d get elsewhere. Apple controls pricing very strictly, and retailers have virtually no flexibility in lowering it. (We can raise it all we want.) As is the case with other Apple resellers, if you are eligible for Apple’s educational discounts I highly recommend you take them. You won’t get better pricing than the Ed discounts from me or any other reseller.

If you’re not Ed discount eligible, however, buying through me is as good if not better an alternative than from a catalog or from Apple directly. I can do custom build-to-order Macs just like you’d get from the online Apple Store. You get the full regular warranty (I also typically recommend AppleCare, especially for machines with LCDs)—these aren’t “gray market” machines or anything shady like that. I can provide you with whatever consulting service you need, including helping you know what to buy.

I’ll be sending out one (and exactly one) email to everybody about all this within the next few weeks. From that point forward, if you’re interested in “opting-in” to receive future emails from me about the stuff I’m selling and the hot deals that are coming my way—because I do get special offers for customers all the time—I’m happy to include you in what’s going on. If you’d rather not hear any more about this, you needn’t do anything. No salesman will visit your door. At least none from SiteRev.com.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment here or shoot me an email. Thanks!