Update from the Apple Consultants Network ListServ where ACN members were asked to comment and provide mini-reviews of their new iPhones:

Overall this is by far to coolest, most innovated phone I have ever seen. I’ve been waiting for this for 6 years now….It just doesn’t seem real. Someone pinch me.

Watch Microsoft will make a phone. Maybe zuner than later.

This fairly accurately sums up the feeling on the list. There are NO bad reviews, and the ACNs are ecstatic.

My mini-review follows:

I used the launch of Apple’s iPhone to sashay over to the local AT&T store and hand out business cards to the 40-50 people in line. After that I went home to dinner and out to dessert. Then I returned to the AT&T store, grabbed a sales rep (it probably didn’t hurt that I had my Apple shirt on) and headed over to play with one of the two iPhone display models.

The store had sold out of the 30 units they were allotted (15 of each model). They have no idea when they’ll get more in stock. I hope it’s going that well around the country.

As for the phone itself, well, my Motorola E815 is a pile of steaming something in comparison. The iPhone is brilliantly designed and executed, and I dare say that I grasped how to use 80 percent of the features on my first time through. I still don’t know how to use my Motorola’s camera functionality completely, and what I do know of it stinks. Like so many people, I hate my cell phone.

But I already love the iPhone. The multi-touch display works great, and web surfing, while a bit slow on AT&T’s EDGE network, promises to be terrific on any available Wi-FI network. The rest phone’s functions seemed very snappy and responsive, and one features after another just blew my away.

I confess to having a bit of trouble with the two thumb virtual keyboard typing, but as a full-size keyboard touch typist, I’m not used to typing with my thumbs. In other words, much of that may be my lack of talent and not a reflection of an iPhone problem. Using the delete key, I got everything typed up anyway. Apple says it takes a few days to get used to typing that way, so I’m not particularly worried.

Otherwise, home run. Out of the park.

My contract with Verizon expires in November. I’ll be getting an iPhone.