A good one albeit thoroughly exhausting. I had training sessions and meetings every day, leaving only today to really get around on the Expo floor in anything approaching a casual manner. Still, I’d have to call the whole experience a wild success personally.

I’ve got a lot of business ideas to ponder and I made a number of terrific business contacts. Only next year I might need to get a hotel room in San Francisco. All the walking downtown and to and from Caltrain really wiped me out.

Having played with Apple’s new Macbook Air, I think they’ve got another winner. It probably won’t be a huge success because it’s a little too stripped down for most people, but it’s going to be ideal for some folks and you simply cannot believe how thin they’ve made this thing. Honestly, my 15″ MacBook Pro looks like a complete fatty in comparison. Once again, Apple’s accomplished an engineering marvel, and I can’t wait to see some of the innovations move across their product line.